Welcome to Beics Brenin, a full service bike shop & rental centre, located within the iconic Coed Y Brenin forest in North Wales.

As the UK’s first & largest dedicated mountain bike trail centre, Coed y Brenin not only has miles of exceptional singletrack for experienced and expert riders, but also great family and intermediate trails for all abilities.

We stock a wide range of accessories and bikes, to ensure that you get the most out of your visit to Coed y Brenin and, right next door, the visitor center café serves a great range of drinks and home cooked cakes and meals. There are showers and 24hr toilets on site and all trails are way-marked and clearly graded.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit; it’s a cycling paradise.

Yr Ffowndri – The Foundry Skills and training area.


The Ffowndri skills area and bike park is a fantastic facility at Coed y Brenin. It’s ideal for beginners, just getting into the sport, right through to experienced, skilled riders. It’s split into 4 areas. Start off in the Training Zone to learn those core basic skills that will help you progress, give you confidence and make your riding more fun, then move on up through the progressively graded practice areas.

If you are unsure which of the 8 trails to ride, then head to the Singletrack Zone, where you’ll clearly see the difference between the graded trails and examples of what to expect on the trails out in the forest.

Download Y-Ffowndri Trail Guide PDF

Green Trail

CYB Afon icon 100x80

Yr Afon

Graded Green 10.8km 1-3 hours

This trail is suitable for novices and family groups. 
Based on open forest roads and contouring the hillsides, it takes in the magnificent waterfalls on the Gain and Mawddach rivers and also and visits the old Gwynfynydd Gold mine, the last source of Welsh gold.  There are a couple of downhill sections on forest roads, so younger riders will need to be able to control their speed.


Download Yr_Afon Trail Guide PDF

Blue Trail

CYB MT icon 100x80Minor Taur

Graded Blue 3 – 12km 0.5 – 2 Hours

( 3, 5, 9 or 12km)

The MinorTaur has quickly become the most popular trail at Coed y Brenin. It’s a great fun introduction to mountain biking for a wide range of ages and abilities and is unique, in that it is usable by riders with a disability on adaptive mountain bikes. The trail is built in 3 loops, which get progressively longer, so you can choose the distance you want to cover. There are plenty of fun features, including stone steps, tabletops and fantastic swoopy berms. Remember to treat with caution on your first ride, perhaps going back over the different sections to improve your skills.

Also, remember to look out for the shiny hoof prints which give you a clue that there’s a MinorTaur about!

Download Minortaur Trail Guide PDF


New MinorTaur Loop 4 extension NOW OPEN

The long awaited extension to the popular MinorTaur Trail at Coed y Brenin will open on Saturday 16th March 2019.

The MinorTaur Trail has long been a hit with rider. This blue graded trail provides many peoples first experience of Coed y Brenin, offering young riders, families and newcomers an exciting and approachable way to experience the thrill of mountain biking while taking in some of the spectacular scenery that the Forest Park has to offer.

The original MinorTaur route was broken into 3 loop sections that could be ridden individually or together to make one single ride of  9km. The new section allows riders to extends the trail a further 3km to 12km in total.

Download Minortaur Trail Guide PDF



The new loop adds some exciting newly built sections of singletrack trail to existing forest track from the Yr Afon trail to take in the spectacular Waterfalls, disused Gold Mine and Gunpowder works before returning via another new singletrack section, then along the original MinorTaur return route up the valley floor to the Visitor Centre.

The MinorTaur trail has successfully introduced many thousands of people to mountain biking and given them a taste of the adventure it offers. The trail features no steep grades or rocky sections that might knock the confidence of riders as they develop their skills, instead they can appreciate smooth rolling on riverside singletrack, immersed in one of the most beautiful forests in North Wales.

The trails 4 loops progressively add features, introducing riders to new challenges as they further their distance. You can expect to find stone steps, rollers and table-tops, berms and even the occasional (optional) jump. The new sections of loop 4 adds some rougher private track with a steeper, looser climb that some may wish to push but after this there is the reward of a good forest road descent.

Download Minortaur Trail Guide PDF Trails

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Cyflym Coch

Graded Red 11.2km 1.5 – 3 Hours

Mastered the MinorTaur? Want to move up to the next grade? Then this is the trail for you as it moves onto narrower, slightly more technical trails. The Cyflym Coch (Red Fox) strings together some of the best, fast flowing sections in Coed y Brenin, with relatively short climbs. With sections like DreamTime and Uncle Fester, it’s a real blast!


Download Cyflym Coch Trail Guide PDF

CYB Temtiwr icon 100x80


Graded Red 8.7km 0.5 – 1 Hour

A short route, giving riders a taste of what to expect from the more advanced riding in Coed y Brenin. It includes 5 sections of great singletrack, from extremely technical rock pitching, to fast flowing swooping curves through the trees, one main climb, up from the river Gain and over to the excellent Beginning of the End section of singletrack; a fun Friday afternoon prelude to a weekend’s riding in the forest.


Download Temtiwr Trail Guide PDF

CYB DB icon 100x80

Dragon’s Back

Graded Red 31.1km 3-5 Hours

The Dragon’s Back is a classic, technical cross country mountain bike trail, which has matured well. Formerly the Karrimor trail, it has had some fine additions over the years. Challenging climbs, tight singletrack and long fast descents have made this ride into one of the most revered throughout Europe.

A long trail that takes you to the top of Moel Hafod Owen, for amazing views over the park and the mountains of Snowdonia, before dropping you down the Adam’s family; a series of descents that will have you whooping with delight! First, the swooping curves of Gomez, Morticia and Pugsley, then the stone pitched corkscrew of Lurch and finally the ballistic speed of Uncle Fester.

Download Dragons Back Trail Guide PDF

Black Trails

CYB TD icon 100x80

Tarw Du

Graded Black 20.2km 1.5-3 Hours

The Tarw Du (say Taroo Dee – Black Bull), was not only the original trail built in Coed y Brenin, but it was also the first, purpose built mountain bike trail in the UK, and probably the world!

This is where it all started and the success of this trail is the reason why we have so many other great trail centres today. This is THE classic trail and still knocks spots off more modern offerings elsewhere. It’s rocky, it’s retro, it’s twisty, it’s technical, it’s fast and will really test your skills and fitness.

Download Tarw Du Trail Guide PDF


CYB MBR icon 100x80

Graded Black 18.4km 1.5 – 3 Hours

A rocky, challenging, technical trail throughout, offering some sweeping descents, like ‘Bugsy’ and  ’Pink Heifer’, as well as Coed y Brenin’s most demanding stone pitched sections, namely ‘Badger’ and ‘Beginning of the End’. It also boasts ‘Cain’, an outstanding natural section, as well as the rebuilt and modernised ‘Abel’, with a series of fly offs to test your skill.

‘Falseteeth’ has been given a makeover and been brought right up to date, with cutting edge design and quality construction. Now featuring the ‘Cavity’, the largest technical trail feature at Coed Y Brenin.

Download MBR Trail Guide PDF

Beast of Brenin

CYB Beast icon 100x80

Graded Black 38.2km 3 – Hours

A combination of the Dragon’s Back and MBr routes, the Beast of Brenin is a challenging but very rewarding route, which has a perfect balance of fast open riding and technical twisting descents. Stop at the Heron Forest Café for tea and cake (opening hours vary) before heading out onto Moel Hafod Owen for spectacular views of Snowdonia.

This route promises to be both mentally and physically demanding and should not be attempted unless fitness and skill levels allow.  Go prepared with adequate fluids, food, clothing and bike spares. Expect to come back tired, muddy and exhilarated! Keep a look out for shorts cuts back to the centre, should the weather close in, or in case bike/body decide to capitulate.

Download The Beast Trail Guide PDF

Mountain Biking is not without it’s risks but you can take good care of yourself and others if you follow the advice in Natural Resource Wales’ Forest Cycle Code.

Forest Cycle Code

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET (*Mandatory at Coed y Brenin) and follow the Forest Cycle Code :


  • Consider wearing other protective clothing.
  • Take the time before riding a trail to check out the trail head grading information.
  • Are you confident about what the grading means?
  • Do you really have enough experience for your choice of trail?
  • Are there any detours?
  • You want to get out and ride the trail, here’s a quick checklist:
  • Do you have a trail/route map?
  • Are you carrying spares – an extra inner-tube, for instance?
  • Can you repair a bike on the trail if you need to?
  • For longer rides you’ll need food and water.
  • What about your fitness & stamina?
  • Many accidents are caused through fatigue – don’t join that club!
  • Think about the weather.  Do you know the forecast?  Bear in mind that the weather at the trailhead might be fine, but further up the hill, it could be colder.
  • What about the trail conditions? Has it snowed or rained?