Ebike Hire

Try an ebike

If you are looking to try an e-MTB there is no better place than Coed y Brenin. The forest park has trails for all ability levels from simple forest road to challenging rocky trail descents.

We offer bikes from the worlds 2 best known brands, Trek and Specialized, bringing the leading edge of design and technology to the UK’s original trail centre.

Trek Rail

Rail is a long-travel e-mountain bike built for ripping the big stuff. It features the same high-end trail tech as Trek’s legendary trail bikes plus an upgraded fork, drivetrain, battery and more. The Rail has a powerful new Bosch CX drive system that’s basically like having your own shuttle.

• Travel Front – 160mm Fork (RockShox), Rear 150mm (RockShox Deluxe RL).

**We update our bikes regularly. Model Year/Type of hire bikes may vary from those shown on this page. 



Specialized Turbo Levo SL

The Turbo Levo SL is a lighter more stealthy turbo levo. With a lighter weight frame plus a more compact battery make the SL nimble and quick with the feel and performance of a motorless MTB with Turbo power available when you need it. The Turbo Levo SL delivers 150mm travel from its performance Fox shocks and features a superlight motor with 320wh battery.

**We update our bikes regularly. Model Year/Type of hire bikes may vary from those shown on this page. 

Guy Kesteven of GuyKesTV  joined us on the trail to find out what the Turbo Levo SL can do…



eBike Hire FAQ

How far can I ride?

We supply the bike with a fully charged battery and the distance you can ride on that charge is dependent on many factors including the level of assistance you choose, the gradient of the trail, the amount you input yourself (so your fitness level), your weight, your kit & clothing weight, tyre pressure, the trail surface you are riding on, tyre pressure, pedal cadence, the list goes on… Both Bosche and Specialized provide useful ‘Range Calculators’ to help you get an idea of what range can be expected but these will only ever provide a rough estimation. The Trek bikes offer a predicted ‘range remaining’ based on the calculations of the onboard computer and most people have found this to be a reliable guide.

You can find the Bosch Range Assistant HERE  and the Turbo Range Calculator HERE

We provide a single full charge that if used sensibly will give most riders a full day of assistance. We do not offer top-up charges during the hire period.


Will you show me how to use the power assistance?

Yes. Our staff will run through the essentials of using the assisted bike. They will go through the power modes, visual display and walk assist (if applicable) and tell you what you can expect from your ride.


Are the bikes heavy?

These is additional weight from the e-motor and battery units and the bikes also need to be strengthened to cope with the additional loads so they are heavier than a non assisted MTB but because of the assistance once you are riding you don’t notice the weight and they are well balanced so they handle much the same as a standard MTB. It can take a little time to adjust but most people acclimatise quickly.


How fast do they go?

In the UK, ebikes (known legally as motor assisted pedal cycles or Pedelecs) are restricted to 250 watts motor power or 15.5 mph.  You can still travel faster but at greater speeds the motor will stop providing assistance.


Do you need to pedal?

The bikes do not have a throttle, instead they provide assistance to enhance any pedalling you do. Think of it this way, every time you make a pedal stroke the bike’s motor will provide extra energy so your pedal strokes are amplified by the motor assistance, this can be anything up to around 400% of your input but greater assistance uses more battery power. The amount of assistance can be varied by a simple push button control on the handlebar which allows the rider to cycle through the available power assistance modes.  Many riders describe riding a motor assist MTB as like having a constant strong tail wind, you often hear people say “hills disappear”.


What is walk-assist?

Some of our bikes feature a walk assist, this is a feature designed to help move the bike up a steep incline when you are dismounted. With walk-assist engaged the bike will propel itself forward without any pedalling at a slow walking pace allowing the bike to be more easily walked up steep slopes.


Do the bikes have gears?

Yes. All our ebikes have gears like any normal mountain bike and these are used together with the power assistance level control to manage the pedal input required to achieve the desired propulsion.  The assistance level is controlled by a simple “+/-” button on the bars that will cycle through the available modes/levels of assistance.


What if I run out of charge?

We give you a full charge and this lasts most people for their whole ride. However, the time & distance a charge will last is dependent on many factors (see ‘How far can I ride?’ above).  The bikes show remaining charge available and some will give a predicted range remaining. Once the charge is exhausted the bike will continue to function as a regular mountain bike would although without providing any pedal assistance so it is possible to get home although it is likely that riding will feel a lot more challenging.  We advise everyone to be mindful of the route they are attempting and monitor battery use throughout their ride, in this way it is possible to make sure that you have power to complete your ride in comfort.  If you are concerned about running out of charge we advise you take on several smaller routes rather than one of the longer ones at Coed y Brenin, some of which are 30+ km and can take you far away from the visitor centre.