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WE RENT SHOCKWIZ UNITS PER DAY (9am – 4pm) and currently have 2 units available to rent. A single units can be mounted to either front fork or rear shock,if you require analysis for both we recommend renting 2 units and running them together for best results.  

To book 2 units add one to your cart then repeat the process and add another for the same required dates (the site will let you know if a second unit is not available).


What is ShockWiz?

For those who haven’t come across one before Quarq ShockWiz is an incredibly useful piece of technological wizardry which helps you optimise the set-up of your air sprung fork or rear shock.


Once connected to your fork or shock the tool works by analysing pressure data around 100 times per second as you ride. Used in conjunction with the accompanying free smart phone app it’s an extremely effective way of getting your suspension set up perfected in a relatively short period of time.


ShockWiz instructions can be downloaded here as a PDF 

You will also need to download the accompanying ShockWiz smartphone app and have your own shock pump to make any necessary adjustments.

PLEASE NOTE: Our staff do not install or set up the shockwiz, we just rent the equipment. You will need to read the instructions and download the smartphone app before arriving for your rental.