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Hire periods:

Day (9.30am to 4pm) – Collection can be at any time during this period but all bikes must be returned by 4pm.

3hr – Can be any 3 hour period falling entirely between 9.30am and 4pm. Your 3hrs will begin from bike collection but cannot extend past 4pm.

 PLEASE NOTE : Ebikes may not be ridden by anyone below the age of 14 years old under UK law. 

E-Bikes are provided with a full battery at the start of the session. We do not offer recharging or battery swaps during the day so it’s up to the rider to manage the battery by choosing the appropriate settings to ensure they have the required range to last the session. On longer rides (e.g. Dragon’s Back/Beast trails) this will mean using eco-mode for most of the ride.

Pedal assisted electric bikes, often called eBikes, are a great way to allow riders of different fitness levels to ride together more enjoyably.

These bikes feature a powerful electric motor that provide additional energy to supplement the riders pedal stroke allowing you to ride further and climb with less effort. It feels a little like having a good tail wind, with each pedal stroke enhanced by the power of the motor.

Until recently, the range of eBikes capable tackling rough terrain was very limited but technological advancements have allowed motors and batteries to becoming lighter and smaller allowing them to be incorporated into a modern mountain bike design.   These exciting new bikes open up the trails to riders of limited fitness and strength allowing them the opportunity to ride alongside fitter or stronger riders on a standard mountain bike, effectively levelling ability and range.

The powerfly is based around Trek’s proven Fuel EX platform offering 120mm of suspension travel with 27.5″ wheels giving an easy, versatile handling trail bike.

Power is delivered by a reliable and powerful Bosch Performance Cruise motor, the range and capability of which is dependent on the terrain and use.  We fully explain the bikes features and capabilities when the bike is hired so the rider knows exactly what to expect.

Pricing includes helmet & flat pedals as standard.

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