Which Trail?

Below you will find the information provided by NRW to help you find the right grade of trail for your ability level.


The mountain biking trails are graded to give you an indication of their difficulty.

These grades are based on the observation and skills of experienced trail managers and riders.

The grades take account of:

  • the trail surface
  • gradients
  • technical features
  • level of fitness needed

Please also read the relevant onsite information before setting off on your ride.

If you are a newcomer to mountain biking, you should ride within your ability.

Don’t forget that the weather can change quickly and other factors such as fatigue can increase the difficulty of a trail.


Forest Cycle Code

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET and follow the Forest Cycle Code:

  • Consider wearing other protective clothing
  • Take the time before riding a trail to check out the trail head grading information
  • Are you confident about what the grading means?
  • Do you really have enough experience for your choice of trail?
  • Are there any detours?
  • You want to get out and ride the trail, here’s a quick checklist:
  • Do you have a trail/route map?
  • Are you carrying spares – an extra inner-tube, for instance?
  • Can you repair a bike on the trail if you need to?
  • For longer rides you’ll need food and water
  • What about your fitness and stamina?
  • Many accidents are caused through fatigue – don’t join that club!
  • Think about the weather. Do you know the forecast? Bear in mind that the weather at the trailhead might be fine, but further up the hill, it could be colder
  • What about the trail conditions? Has it snowed or rained?